The Splendid Suggestions Tech Industry “Test Drive”

July 14, 2017

One of the key announcements for Partners at Inspire 2017 has been the launch of the ‘Build-with, Go-To-Market and Sell-with’ strategy. In this new world product-centric and cross-industry marketing efforts will become increasingly irrelevant, as Microsoft instead focuses heavily on industry-specific expertise to power Partner success.

Regardless of whether your offering is purpose-built for a particular industry, or spans across multiple verticals, Microsoft is banking on an important reality in an increasingly competitive space; that going to market with a strong industry lens moves the conversation from technical functionality and features to one around business expertise and customer outcomes.

As a Partner, how do you start to pivot your communications so the message is less about what your offering does, and more about how your deep industry expertise can help solve their specific business problems?

There are many methodologies through which to work through this, and typically it’s no easy process. However, for those looking to make this shift here is an effective technique to allow you to “test drive” your own offering(s) via an industry context:

For.  Only.  Because.


Who you want your target customers to be. This should be specific to your industry of focus, identifying their role in the organisation.


What you do that’s different – that one thing that’s truly unique and can reflect the needs of the target customer (although that one thing could be the sum of several supporting parts).


The core reason for someone to believe your Only claim.


Example 1: Mining


Asset Managers, Facilities Managers and CIO’s of mining organisations who rely on manual processes or legacy systems to govern company assets.


Our asset management and asset tracking software provides 99% data accuracy, enabling the effective management and optimisation of mining assets.


At the core of our unique mining solution is a ubiquitous asset register that provides a “single source of truth” for all mining company assets, regardless of class. Individual assets can be registered in the Asset Register by serial number or barcode, ensuring accurate data and full visibility of maintenance costs, utilisation measurements and operational costs.


Example 2: Legal


Legal and audit professionals who need to legally verify their public disclosure, regulatory monitored, statements.


VDocs is the only fully integrated, simultaneous verification tool that allows the authors of these documents to verify as they go.


VDocs automates the document verification process, which to date, has been a manual time-consuming process, that is widely recognised as imprecise with considerable risk to those responsible for the verification. 

International law firm, King & Wood Mallesons confirms that document verification time reduced by 30% as a result of automation and VDocs. In addition, VDocs was co-developed and trialled by three of Australia’s largest and most reputable legal and audit organisations.



About Tim Sands

Tim Sands is Managing Director of Splendid Suggestions, an ad agency that specialises in B2B IT communications. With over a decade of B2B IT experience, Tim has a proven track record of developing communications programs that change the way people think about and purchase technology solutions. An ADMA and Echo award winner, he offers a strong mix of strategy development, creative excellence, and digital project delivery with core specialties of customer acquisition and relationship management.