Case Study - Seizing the Microsoft 365 opportunity

February 18, 2019

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With the Australian launch of Microsoft 365, Brennan IT saw an immediate opportunity to offer a new, end-to-end managed service. We worked with Brennan IT to create a highly targeted and content-driven campaign to promote this service, just in time for the launch, and exceeding both license and revenue targets. 

We helped Brennan IT exceed its 12-month revenue target by 42% in just 8 months.

When Microsoft announced, in July 2017, that it would be launching Microsoft 365 to the Australian market in November, Brennan IT saw an immediate opportunity to enhance its managed services offering, and engaged Splendid to help.  

Business challenge

“We saw huge value, both for our customers and for our own business, in developing and offering a holistic, fully integrated and fully supported solution for Microsoft 365,” says Brooke Galloway, Brennan IT’s General Manager of Product and Marketing.

“Our overall objective is to be far more than just a Microsoft 365 licence reseller. Instead, we want to provide our clients with an end-to-end solution that offers them security, compliance, the latest modern devices, and round-the-clock access to Brennan IT’s support team.”

The challenge for Brennan IT in doing so, however, was two-fold. They needed to get their message out quickly, as demand for Microsoft 365 was set increase rapidly after launch. They also needed to reach a broad customer base, many of whom had very different levels of awareness and understanding of Microsoft 365, and were at different stages of their license, device and support agreements.

Splendid worked closely with Brennan IT to devise a highly measurable, targeted and segmented campaign which delivered the right messages to the right customers, and which evolved as campaign metrics revealed opportunities to increase performance. 

The solution

Splendid narrowed down Brennan IT’s potential audience into three segments based on their readiness to upgrade to Microsoft 365, and developed core messages for each segment. We also developed an online Microsoft 365 resources hub with an online tour of Microsoft 365, an eFlyer, a compliance handbook, an eBrochure and a comparison infographic (Office 365 v Microsoft 365).

Customers were targeted and driven to relevant resources within this hub, based on the message they engaged with, via several channels – including Facebook, LinkedIn and Google advertising - as well as via an in-depth email nurture series, which provided potential customers with links to the assets and encouraged them to contact Brennan IT for more information.

As the campaign progressed, Splendid carefully monitored which messages were resonating with customers (and which weren’t); tweaking campaign tactics accordingly. These insights also enabled Brennan IT to fine-tune their ongoing sales activity – determining when their sales teams should talk about compliance or security with customers, or when they should present a self-discovery option to help customers determine the best option for their business.


In the first 8 months of the campaign, the results far surpassed expectations:

  • 12-month revenue target already exceeded by 42%.
  • 940 Microsoft 365 licenses sold (well on track to exceed the three-year target of 3,300 seats).
  • Reached 1 million+ potential customers
  • Generated over 6,000 website visits
  • Average click-through rate 277% above Brennan IT’s average.

 The business is already seeing a return on investment and this is likely to grow over time – as customers’ evolving licensing requirements enable them to consider an upgrade to Microsoft 365. The assets produced for the campaign have also been very beneficial for Brennan IT’s sales team – giving them easy to use resources to help their clients and sell more effectively overall.

“This campaign has really highlighted the benefits that can come from ongoing and continuous measurement – not just marketing to a particular group and then moving on, but adjusting what we are doing along the way, based on performance, and continuing to nurture our customers.” 

“Splendid really is a natural part of the Brennan IT team. Our teams get along and we all work so well together – they function as an extension of our own business. Splendid isn’t just about providing great strategy either – they really follow it through with great execution to ensure that every campaign gets the results it should.”

Brooke Galloway, Brennan IT’s General Manager of Product and Marketing.


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