Splendid presents at inaugural Microsoft ANZ Commercial Excellence Council

November 25, 2019

Last week, we were very excited to be invited to speak to, and be a founding member of, the Microsoft ANZ Commercial Excellence (ACE) Council. 

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Microsoft selected 15 thought-leaders to be part of this Councilfrom different types of businesses - many of whom are direct competitors. The objective of the Council is to have courageous and mutually beneficial discussions around the future of devices and the modern workplace. 

The founding members of the Council will reconvene every year to continue to address key developments in the commercial market. 

Splendid was invited to lead a discussion around best practice marketing, which focused on how we have wrapped up Challenger Customer Research into our unique strategic approach which has repeatedly delivered proven commercial value to clients. The presentation was titled: ‘Thinking Differently About Marketing and Selling Technology.’ 

The session involved us providing a quick recap of the Challenger Customer Research (why we should care, and what happens if we don’t). We then stepped delegates through Splendid’s own Challenger Approach, which leverages and integrates key research findings.  

Then, it was time for the Council delegates to get out of their seats and have a go. We turned part of the strategic process into an exercise that would enable them to experience, first-hand, how we go about developing a unique commercial insight to underpin a successful go-to-market program.  

Case study in B2B Device Marketing  

We finished our two-hour stint by providing an overview of a successful campaign which we ran, with Brennan IT, which showed how we applied this exact approach to create a campaign that generated a Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) of 17:1 which beat all commercial forecasts by 40% or more.  

We also demonstrated how we linked these commercial metrics to marketing metrics from emails and LinkedIn, and how these insights were used to optimise the campaign even further which resulted with 145 marketing qualified leads. 

Our Challenger approach was well received by the members of the inaugural ACE Council, and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience of sharing and guiding discussions with all delegates. 

If you want to learn more about our Challenger Approach or get a copy of our presentationContact Mel Johnstone, our Strategy Director at melanie@splendidsuggestions.com