In extraordinary times Splendid provides a pathway for young talent: Meet Chiara Pettinato, our new account executive.

October 07, 2020

All in a year, a pandemic hit, Chiara completed her final university semester virtually and stepped out of virtual learning into a virtual agency.

Chiara shares her experiences in this Q & A on how she landed on her feet amongst so much change and uncertainty.

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This is your first job out of university. Why Splendid? 

Three months ago I completed a degree in a Bachelor of Business at UTS with no prior job experience, while also completing two internships part-time. These internships were orientated towards marketing and lasted 210 hours each. Nevertheless, I still struggled enormously to find an entry level job, especially since everything was so competitive with COVID-19. Fortunately, I connected with one of my university professors on LinkedIn and he forwarded my CV to Splendid Suggestions. Having just started full-time, I am really pleased that I get to continue to expand my skills and knowledge with such a well-known agency.

And then the pandemic hit. What happened next?  

When the pandemic hit, I had to resume my final university semester online via Zoom and Google meetings. At first, I wasn’t really familiar with how to use these tools but eventually I got the hang of it. While this experience was foreign to start with, it has prepared me for my full-time role at Splendid as their business operations have always been remote. 

Was it strange starting a job in such a remote way? 

Considering I completed 12 weeks of university online, starting a job remotely wasn’t that strange for me. Businesses have rapidly switched their operations to virtual in response to COVID-19 and for greater work flexibility. I participate in virtual meetings daily where I get to see my team and clients face-to-face, alongside monthly team meetings. 

What’s a typical day like at Splendid? 

My typical day at Splendid varies as there is always new projects coming in and new clients that we work with. But mainly, I communicate directly with clients to try to understand their needs and then work towards fulfilling them. This involves conducting research, writing briefs and project management. I really appreciate the amount of support I receive daily from my team, as they are always re-assuring me that I know what I am doing and checking in on me.

Why did you choose tech B2B marketing? 

When I initially finished my degree, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do after. I wasn’t certain whether I should keep studying and complete a postgraduate degree or if I should try and find an entry level job. I chose to work in tech B2B Marketing as it’s not only a booming industry, but it is also an area that is both challenging and creative. I also wanted to work in B2B marketing as not only do you build closer long-term relationships with clients, but it allows you to become a more empathetic marketer. 

So you’re enjoying your time at Splendid? 

I have enjoyed every single day at Splendid so far. I am really happy that I found my first job at an agency where I can continue to grow and learn new things every day, while working alongside such a fun and caring team. 

If you want to say hello to Chiara, you can reach out at