Splendid welcomes Miffy the koala to our team

December 11, 2019

This week, everyone here at Splendid was very excited to welcome our newest (and youngest) team member, Miffy! Though she’ll be stationed in a gum tree in Ballarat Wildlife Park on a permanent basis, Miffy’s responsibilities will include (remotely) boosting our morale, hanging out 24/7, and eating copious amounts of Eucalyptus leaves.  

Actually, we ‘adopted’ Miffy from the Australian Koala Foundation. It’s our way of supporting native animals who’ve had their habitats destroyed by devastating bushfires. 

According to Koala Foundation’s website, Miffy is a gorgeous young girl with a distinctively dark grey face and body. She is a bit more on the quiet side and can be found hanging out with her partner in crime, LucyMiffy loves nothing more than a sleep in, but will always wake up for her favourite time of the day... dinner time. 

Yes, Miffy is going to fit right in.  

And you can adopt a koala too if you like! Simply go to the website here.