Why a side hustle works for me

May 20, 2019



When I was at university completing my Bachelor of Media, I decided advertising was the right career path for me, and was excited to learn more about the digital and creative world. A few years later I picked up Ikebana (the Japanese art of flower arranging) and fell madly in love with the world of flowers. Torn between the 2 paths of floristry & advertising, I finally found the solution in 2017; a Splendid side hustle.

For four days during the week, I’m Splendid’s Operations Manager.

However, I also run my own business: Julia Rush Flowers. I work for Splendid most of the time from my shop in Sydney’s Balmain, which is closed during work hours, and get up ridiculously early most mornings to travel to the Sydney Flower Markets, and then prepare bouquets to fulfil online orders. The shop is open on Saturdays to the public for pre-made and custom bouquets and on Sundays for flower related classes and workshops. As the shop is closed to walk-in customers from Monday to Friday, I’m able to focus entirely on Splendid, and can take calls or attend meetings. However, I can also keep an eye on any new requests that are coming through for new flower arrangements … and my cat who essentially lives in the shop window.

Why is a side hustle important?

According to US-based website, The Hustle, a whopping 35% of people these days have some sort of side-hustle going on. Real estate is the most popular (making up 11% of all secondary jobs), and the vast majority of side-hustles are self-funded.

Interestingly, the most common professions in which to have a side-hustle are graphic design and online media.

Why the side-hustle? These days, the very concept of working has changed. People simply aren’t sold on the idea of working from 9-5 in the same job for life anymore. Agencies like Splendid, which offer huge flexibility and transparency, make a side hustle possible. As well as offering a great source of extra income, my side-hustle means I can explore two passions of mine: floristry and advertising, without needing to choose one or the other.


My tips for making a side-hustle work:

1. Be completely transparent. Splendid is 100% aware and supportive of my side-hustle and give me the freedom in return for trust that I’ll always do the work required of me.

2. Be organised. Work out exactly how many hours a week you have to dedicate to your side-hustle and be realistic. Don’t try to cram too much in or you’ll start failing at both your side-hustle and your main one.

3. Set boundaries. The fact my floristry is closed to customers during the week is essential. I don’t take on too much work, and I know when to push back.

Want to find out more?

If you’re interested in finding out how working for a virtual agency like Splendid makes a side-hustle possible, read this blog here or get in touch with us.